take out hunger.

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Join MealPass App this November in as we power local restaurants in to serve 1,000 meals to those in need in Carpinteria at no additional cost.

With MealPass App, it pays to do good. 

The IRS offers lucrative tax deductions for restaurants who donate surplus food. Reduce food waste; support your community; and improve your bottom line. Doing good never paid so well.  

Step 1:
Register your restaurant here 

Step 2:
Donate your surplus food through the MealPass App 

Step 3:
Receive lucrative tax deductions and improve your bottom line 

how it works...

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Restaurants register surplus food as Take Out meals through their MealPass App account. 

Non-profit partners register local families in need, enabling them to access the app. 

App customers collect their Take Out within the specified time window.  They 'pay' using the onscreen receipt.

MealPass App provides the data and reporting to claim the  IRS deductions.

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join us and we can 

take out hunger.

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