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Feed more people. 

Without adding costs, logistics, or resources. 

MealPass unlocks new food supplies for non-profits to support their clients.  The MealPass app allows restaurants, and other food outlets, to post their end of day food surplus in real time on the app.  Non-profits can register their clients, giving them direct access to fresh meals in their communities. 

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Benefits for non-profits

  • Access a new and significant food supply 

  • Direct collection so no additional logistics or resources required for exponential meals served

  • The app allows food donations 7 days a week, via multiple outlets simultaneously

  • Clients have choice, variety, and dignity when using the MealPass app (they pay using the app making it invisible to other diners).

  • The app tracks all meals received through the non-profit partner and provides monthly reporting to track the additional meals served through the partnership.

How it Works for Non-Profits

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1. Food outlets register their surplus food on the MealPass app and set collection times each day.

2. Non-profits receive MealPass registration codes and distributes them to their clients. 

3. Clients download the MealPass app and create an account using their registration code. 

4. Clients collect meals inside the time window and show the app receipt in exchange. There is  no charge to the app user or the non-profit.

The MealPass App provides monthly reporting on all meals served through the partnership, providing data on the non-profits additional reach through the App. 

Next Steps for Non-Profits

1. Sign up below - no fees, no commitment


2. Your non-profit will be allocated a series of unique registration codes for your clients within 24 hours

3. Distribute the registration codes to your clients so they can create a MealPass account.  

4. Your non-profit will receive reports on how many meals your organization has donated. 

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Click here to Registration as a MealPass App Non-Profit Partner

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